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Shard was Andreas' first solo-published novel debut, which is now republished as The Legend of Shard series. He has has several other stories published for the collection known as Ficta Fabula, a short-story collection by Pages of StoriesAndreas has also written a number of full length game modules for the Role-Playing Gamers Association (RPGA) for the popular Dungeons & Dragons game, and modern-day scenarios for Spy Craft.

Andreas has a diploma in Graphic Design, with extensive experience in IT; Andreas currently works for Naviant Inc as an architect. Previously a writer of technical manuals and training guides, he works on his stories in his spare time when not with his four kids, at work, or playing various video games.

His dream is to become a full-time writer so that he can work from home to be with his family, entertaining others through stories drawn from his fantastic imagination.